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       The School of Stomatology is the construction site of national first-class undergraduate major and the authorized site of cultivating stomatology students with maters’ degree and doctors’ degree. The school establishes classes at different levels including undergraduate teaching, postgraduate teaching and so on. It cultivates thousands of stomatology talents. It is the Practical Skill Examination Base and Examiner Training Base for the National Medical Qualification Examination, the Examination Base for the Standardization Training of Resident Doctors in Jiangxi province, the Professional Quality-controlled Center for Stomatology in Jiangxi province and also the affiliated unit of the Control Group of Dental Disease in Jiangxi province, the Stomatological Association of Jiangxi Province and the Stomatological Doctor Organization of Jiangxi Medical Doctor Association.

The teaching and research section of preventive dentistry was established in 1993 and renamed the teaching and research section of preventive & pediatric dentistry in 2015, which encompasses the department of preventive dentistry and the department of pediatric dentistry. The teaching and research section is a strong and organized faculty comprising of eleven teachers, two professors, seven lecturers, two assistant professors, of whom two are doctoral supervisors, three are master graduate supervisors. In addition to providing clinical instruction in a standardized training program for postgraduates, undergraduates, refresher doctors, and residents, the teaching and research section of preventive & pediatric dentistry teaches Preventive Dentistry and Pediatric Dentistry to undergraduates at Nanchang University's School of Stomatology. In the past five years, the teaching and research section has undertaken and participated in three National Natural Science Foundation of China and three national scientific research projects. Faculty has published over ten SCI papers and over 20 pieces of academic papers in the national core journal, participated in a number of provincial and school-level educational reform projects, and many of them have been awarded “Excellent Teachers” by the affiliated stomatological hospital of Nanchang University. Faculty and students of the faculty actively devoted to the public cause of oral health in Jiangxi province, to assist the hospital to complete all levels and types of oral health care publicity and education and large-scale public welfare activities through their professional strengths.

01.Department of Basic Dental Sciences

欧洲杯投注· Composition of the Department

There are 25 teachers in the Department, including 4 doctoral supervisors and 8 master's supervisors. The teaching titles include: 5 professors, 7 associate professors, 6 lecturers and 3 assistant professors.Main responsibilities and fulfillment of duties of the teaching and research department

The Department of Basic Dentistry adheres to the excellent disciplinary tradition, with extensive external exchanges and cooperation, and steady progress in the construction of the discipline. It is responsible for the theoretical lectures, experiments and apprenticeship teaching of the four main courses of dental specialty, namely, Oral Anatomy and Physiology, Oral Histopathology, Oral Materials, and Oral Biology, for five-year undergraduates of School of Stomatology.

The department insists on basing on Jiangxi Province, facing the whole country, pioneering and enterprising, and adhering to the spirit of "to make things new, to be generous and virtuous", and constantly promotes the high-quality development of dental teaching. We love and care about our students, teach by example, and emphasize the cultivation of noble medical ethics. Always adhere to the ability to cultivate as the focus, the quality of talent as the fundamental, to teach and educate people as the goal, for the community to cultivate high-quality, high-quality application of composite talents to meet the needs of the development of the oral health services industry.

· Practices, experiences and lessons learned in doing a good job of teaching and researching and playing the role of the teaching and researching department

Promote the smooth progress of the work of the teaching and research department by holding the spring teaching work arrangement meeting, collective lesson preparation and other forms of work.

· Major problems and difficulties in the work of the teaching and research department

The Basic Teaching and Research Department is responsible for teaching four basic dental courses, and the cross-curricular application of the courses is not obvious.

· Measures and Suggestions for Improving the Work of the Teaching and Research Department

Actively organize all teachers to collectively study modern teaching theory, advanced education and teaching methods, teaching mode, raise awareness and change the concept of education. So that teachers can use advanced teaching ideas to guide teaching, the use of modern teaching technology to assist teaching, so that students really become the master of learning, stimulate students' interest and improve classroom efficiency.

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